Sunday, April 3, 2011


By Bob Gilbert

This month’s (April) exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery is called “Journeys” featuring the photographs of New Jersey native Lauren Curtis. 

Lauren has traveled extensively and offers these photographs as a representation of some captivating scenes she has encountered during her “Journeys”.  They include shots of architecture, people, and nature.  Some interesting examples:

Budapest Views” consists of two photos of classic architecture from Budapest.  The bridge captured in one of the photos surprisingly reminds me of the Brooklyn Bridge and its surroundings.

Amsterdam Nights” is a set of three photos of night life in the city.  The darkness of the night is pierced by the lights of the city, captured in eerie fashion.

Budapest Fiddler” is a touching study of a working street musician. 

Grand Canyon Family” is a photo of a Native American family.  It has a universal family feel to it.

Barcelona Church captures the warmth and grandeur of the interior of a beautiful church.

 A little bit about the artist:  Lauren has formal art training (BFA from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, 1988), and avidly pursues fine art (photography and painting) and commercial art (illustrations, portraits, graphic designs, and jewelry).

When I met Lauren at the opening of her exhibit on April 3, I asked what advice she would offer to budding artists and photographers.  Her response – show your work as much as possible, network with others in the field, and “keep at it”.  Sounds like good advice that can be applied to many endeavors!

“Journeys” runs from April 3 – April 25 (closed Easter Sunday) at the Gourgaud Gallery, Cranbury, New Jersey.  All are encouraged to attend.

More information about Lauren may be found on her websites:


                                                             “Grand Canyon Family”                             


  1. Thank you for attending the opening and for this fantastic article! I hope it encourages people to visit the show, travel and pursue their creative dreams!

  2. This Photography Show is very exciting. A must see!

  3. I love the "Grand Canyon Family!" I am certain everyone who attends this exhibition will be greatly enriched by the experience of viewing Lauren Curtis' art works!

  4. Hi Lauren! I completely resonate with you on having travel inspire your art. I am so inspired by travel and the beauty of other cultures.
    Great connecting with you through Linked IN!
    All the best to you on success and creativity!