Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Note from Judy Buckley: the current show at the Gourgaud Gallery

Been meaning to send you both this, if you want to add it to the web or a note in the Cranbury Press.
Jim Gerberich took some pics and I've asked him to send some to you Lorraine.
The opening was a huge success despite the torrential rains, folks said 50 people showed and I sold 9 pieces.

I was proud to donate an extra 10% of sales to a family in Missouri who was very hurt by the destruction down there. (20% goes to Cranbury Arts Council)
Attached and below is a little something about them, if you want to add it to anything.
Thanks again for all your support, the show was a success because your support and artful words.
Along with 20% of sales going to The Cranbury Arts Council,
another 10% will go directly to the Lamar Family of Joplin, Missouri.
Ginger Lamar was at her daughter’s graduation on May 22, when the tornado flattened her two-story home and left only one wall of a closet standing. Her two pets were found safely under the ruble with an injury of only a broken leg. The family was able to retrieve only one photo album from living in their home of twenty five years. Ginger works at Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.
Contacts can be made at: Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, 320 East Fourth Street Joplin, MO 64801 Attention: Ginger Lamar (personal)
(I do not know Ginger personally, but was moved by the photos of the devastated area and inquired through the Joplin Area chamber of Commerce.)

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