Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Exhibit: Sara Lee Pindar, At Home and Abroad



The new exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery, "At Home and Abroad", features the photographs of SaraLee Pindar, a Burlington County (NJ) resident.  The photos capture some of the picturesque and exciting places that she has visited, both far and near.

 I met SaraLee at the show opening on Sunday, October 2, and learned more about her.  SaraLee was born and raised in Philadelphia.  Her mother was an art teacher as well as an artist whose paintings were exhibited in the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art and in other venues.  From the earliest days, her mother taught her about composition and to “see pictures within scenes”.  SaraLee explained that “to see pictures within scenes” means that when appropriate, to find an interesting area of detail within a larger subject and then photograph it.  This principle ultimately became an important part of SaraLee’s technique.

SaraLee recalls that early in life, she found that she did not possess a gift for drawing, and ultimately turned to photography as a medium of artistic expression.  She started taking photos in 1957, but could not afford a darkroom or professional development services, and went no further with it.  Seven years ago, thanks to the development of digital photography, things changed.  She showed some of her Alaska photos to a relative, who was highly impressed and stated “you can sell these”.  Hearing such high acclaim, in conjunction with the availability of digital technology, prompted SaraLee to pursue photography more seriously.  She has been showing photos for the last five years, during which time she has been in thirty juried shows and has won seven prizes.

In the photo of SaraLee Pindar accompanying this article, she is seen with her husband, Gerald, who accompanied her on the journeys to the locations depicted in her photographs.  Gerald even assisted her with the taking of one of the photos currently on display.  At the time, SaraLee was attempting to photograph a swan in the water.  Unfortunately, the swan had the back of its head to the camera.  Gerald cleverly tossed a pebble in the water in the area where SaraLee was standing, prompting the bird to turn its head toward SaraLee and enabling her to get the perfect shot.  Way to go Gerald!

All are invited to see this outstanding exhibit!
Arco de Jesus
Additional photos from the show can be seen on Facebook: Gourgaud Gallery
 The Gallery is located in Town Hall, in Cranbury, New Jersey and is free and open to the public Mon- Fri from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the First, Third & Last Sunday of the month from 1-3 p.m.
Sara Lee and Gerald Pindar

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