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“Barns and Beyond”-Watercolorists Unlimited (Lisa Walsh)

 “Barns and Beyond”-Watercolorists Unlimited (Lisa Walsh)

By Bob Gilbert

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By June 3-24, 2012 “Barns and Beyond”-Watercolorists Unlimited (Lisa Walsh)

Lisa Walsh, who heads the group “Watercolorists Unlimited”, will have a showing of her group’s paintings. The reception is June 3 (1-3 PM). Refreshments will be served.
The following is an interview with Lisa Walsh:

How and when did you get interested in forming this group?

I've been involved with this group for 12 years. The original group formed 25 years ago, this being our 25th anniversary year. There are still two members who are original members. They are Bernice Fatto, and Wilma Shimer.

Have you had formal art training?  If so, describe.

I majored in art in college at The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. Many of the painters in our group have been professional artists working in fields such as textile design, graphic design and as art teachers.

The work is in watercolor.  Why do you prefer this medium?

There is luminosity to watercolor that you really can't achieve in any other medium.

How does the group select subject matter for paintings?

We discuss it at every meeting. We've kept a list of the subjects we've painted over the years, and sometimes we'll go back to one we've done before.

What artists have influenced or inspired the group?

 Lucille Geiser was the original member of the group and she is still quoted in some of our critiques. Also, Biff Hines was a great influence to many of the members. But we are regularly influenced by one another in our critiques.

In your opinion, what is the relative importance of “raw talent” vs. training when it comes to becoming an artist?  Can a person with modest talent benefit substantially from proper training, and does a person with great talent require training?

I personally believe that you learn through doing and seeing. I think we all get better by looking at the other paintings in our group, and by hearing what others say about our paintings. Critique is a great learning tool.

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