Monday, April 27, 2015

Images of Cranbury

David Nissen.  May 3 Reception.  Images of Cranbury
We in Cranbury have been fortunate to preserve the scale and context of our historic village, its agricultural and natural periphery, and the complex and lively community it sustains.
Lee and I have lived here for almost 4 decades, raised our two children, and shared in the cultural and governance organizations of the community.  I have always taken photos, “snapshots” if you will, of events and travels.  But since retiring from the NY commute 5 years ago, I have devoted much of my time and energy to photography, to give my right-brain a chance..

This exhibit presents some 40 images of Cranbury from a decade of photographs.  I hope they evoke for you some of the essence of our community, as they do for us.

See Facebook:  Gourgaud Gallery for article and pictures

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