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As hard as it is to believe, summer vacation is right around the corner. If you haven't yet registered your child for camp, there's still time left! We encourage you to send registrations in as soon as possible to make sure your child gets his or her first choice. Below is an update on camp availability:

Woodworking (Grades 1-3) is full.

The following camps have very limited openings:
Grow a Pizza (Gr. K-2)
Percussion, Session 1 (Gr. 2-8)
Robotics (Gr. 4-9)
Movie Making, Session 2 (Gr. 4-9)
Bowls and Pitchers (Gr. 2-4)
Theater 1 (Gr. 2-6)
As of today, all other camps have openings.

Still can't decide? Here's a mini-guide to our other fun and exciting offerings!

Grades K-2
All camps are led by the wonderful Barbara Adams, one of Cranbury School's favorite teachers!Fit Food and Fitness - Learn how to make the most of your summer by staying active and eating great snacks you make yourself!
Paper Making -
Have fun with recycling and show off your creative side by making your own, one-of-a-kind paper! Try your hand at making a variety of colorful designs and unique textures!
Kooky Science Concoctions -
Do you like to experiment with different things that react in crazy ways? Come on into Mrs. Adams' kooky laboratory and discover weird and wonderful ways to have fun with science!

Grades 1-3
Crafts Around the World -
Take a trip around the world with Senora Rodriguez, who was last year's Teacher of the Year at Cranbury School! Learn to make crafts and toys the way children around the world do. You may even learn a few words in a different language! Musical Storytelling - Cranbury's own Dynamic Musical Duo, Mrs. DeAntonio and Mr. Haltmeier, will help you unleash your inner musician in ways you never thought possible! This fun, high-energy camp will give you the chance to use your voice, crazy sound effects, and different kinds of musical instruments to make your own, unique soundtracks that everyone will want to hear! This is Mr. Haltmeier's last year at Cranbury School, so don't miss your chance to spend a week or two enjoying his wonderful talents!

Grades 2-4
Fantastic Physics - Can lemons and potatoes really be batteries? What makes a swing keep swinging after you get off? Why does a popsicle stick float? Popular middle-school science teacher Mrs. Jaworowski will lead you on a hands-on exploratory journey to find our how things in our physical world work!
Science Explorers - Become a science detective and find out how scientists get answers to questions we all want to know! Learn about plants and how they grow, our environment, chemistry, and more, and use scientific methods and experiments to answer some of your own questions!
Animals and Gargoyles
- Mrs. Woronczuk's always-popular clay-creation series continues with Animals and Gargoyles. What kind of beasts and creatures can you imagine? A pig with horns? A lizard with feathers? A gargoyle wearing a sparkly party hat? Come get your hands dirty and make something the world has never seen!Cezanne and Seurat - If you like to paint, come join Mrs. Woronczuk as she shows you how to paint in the style of two master painters! Use bright colors, and big brush strokes or tiny dots to make masterpieces ready for framing!Vasarely and Van Gogh - Many people are familiar with the brilliant work of Vincent VanGogh, but not as many know much about Victor Vasarely's amazing work with color and optical illusion. Learn how these artists created unique works, and see what you can create using their techniques!

Grades 3-5
Mask Making -
This camp will let you get your hands dirty as you create masks that will dazzle, amuse or even scare your friends a little! Mrs. Woronczuk will open the supply cabinets and let you use clay, foil, Model Magic, plaster, and much more to make just about any kind of mask you can think of!Junk Mail Art - What can you do with colorful ads for inflatable kiddie pools or Sponge Bob party invitations? Do something good for the environment and recycle the bright, colorful flyers that come in the mail every day! Try to make a collage that looks like your friend out of ads for things like soda, pet food, CDs or DVDs, sports equipment, clothing, and more!
Chemistry Camp -
Last year's popular Chemistry Camp returns for another year of hands-on action! Use things you'd find around your house to conduct sometimes weird, but always fun, experiments! This is a great chance for younger students to try out some of the cool equipment found in the middle school science lab and use it to figure out what matter is all about!
Grades 4-9
Sewing I and II -
Even if you've never touched a sewing machine before, you can learn to sew and make cool things to take home with you by the end of our sewing camp! Beginners can learn all the basics of sewing, and will get good enough with a sewing machine to make things like aprons, tote bags, and even a simple top to wear. Campers with sewing experience will learn more advanced techniques, and will work on more challenging projects. Professional designers, and always popular teachers, Michelle Ferranti and Gina Ricca will give you plenty of individual attention to make sure you'll be proud of your creations!Movie Making - Cranbury School's Teacher of the Year, Tom Nichols, will teach you how to use Apple Computer's remarkable suite of i-Life programs to make incredible movies, music videos, podcasts, and more! Interested campers can have their movies shown in Gourgaud Gallery on Cranbury Day, so be prepared for your big, public premiere!
Wood Working -
Spend a week learning how to use a whole range of different hand and power tools to build all sorts of projects out of wood. Try your hand at making a crate guitar, a boat, or maybe some simple furniture. Mr. Stinson will gladly share his vast knowledge of wood-working and his building expertise with you to make your project something special!Jewelry Making - Learn to make your own unique pieces of jewelry to wear or share with friends! You'll learn techniques you can use for a lifetime. At the end of camp, come up with a name for your own jewelry boutique and set up shop to sell some of your favorite creations!Dragsters and Pinewood Derby - If you feel the need for speed, this is the camp for you! Learn all about car design, then put into practice what you've learned by building your own customized CO2-powered dragster. See if your car can set a land speed record for the Cranbury School blacktop, with speeds that might reach 50 mph!
Model Rockets and Airplanes -
Our always-popular Model Rockets and Airplanes camp returns, complete with launches that other campers love to watch! Learn all about how rockets and airplanes fly, then design and build your own and test them out!
Inventing and Engineering -
This camp features the perfect combination of creating by both computer and hand. Use two exciting programs to help bring your designs to life, then build and test them. Can you build a trebuchet to shoot things across a room? Can you design and build a bridge that you can stand on? You'll never know until you try!
Grades 5-9
Art Intensive Workshops: Acrylic Workshop and Collage Workshop -
Spend a full camp day with Cranbury's own art treasure, Mrs. Woronczuk, to learn all about working with acrylics or collage. Each camp promises lots of one-on-one instruction, and each camper will come home with a beautiful piece of art at the end of the day.Rock 'n Roll Studio - Back again for a second year, Cranbury's energetic and wildly creative music team, Mrs. DeAntonio and Mr. Haltmeier, will take campers on a musical journey to become rock stars! Learn all about the creative process behind making CDs, and then make CDs of your own original songs! Form bands, record your songs, and learn production techniques to make your CDs sound great. All instruments are welcome, but no musical experience is required. Don't miss out on your last chance to work with Mr. Haltmeier before he leaves Cranbury School!
Learn, Design, and Build - Princeton High School's popular and energetic Industrial Arts teacher Joe Gargione joins our camp this year with an innovative camp for students who want to learn about architecture. Try out your design skills on an architectural-design program, and design your own unique one-story house. Once your design is finished, make your vision reality by building a model of your house!
Theater II -
If you've never tried your hand at acting, this is the place to start! Veteran director and playwright Gary Charwin will show you all the ropes and make sure your acting debut is fun and memorable! Experienced campers will enjoy working with a smaller group than in Theater I, and every camper will be an important part of the final production!

Grades 6-9
Fashion Design and Merchandising -
Do you have an eye for color? Do you always know which accessories look best with your outfit? Do you want to know more about how a clothing line is developed? International fashion designer Gina Ricca will show you what it takes to design your own line of clothes, from special occasion outfits to bathing suits and everything in-between! Enjoy a field trip to Manhattan to learn about design at a design house, explore fabrics and trims at specialty stores, and tour the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Still have questions? Our camp brochure and registration forms are available on our web site ( We're also happy to answer any questions by e-mail (

We hope to see you in July!

CAC Camp Staff

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery-A Touch of Glass


By Bob Gilbert

The new exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery for the month of June 2011 features watercolor paintings by a talented group of artists known as “Watercolorists Unlimited”.  As suggested by the title of the exhibit, “A Touch of Glass”, the subject matter of every painting includes some object with glass.

I viewed the exhibit in advance of the opening on June 5, and what struck me immediately was the beauty of the work, which illuminates the room.  Watercolor is pleasing to the eye, especially when in the hands of experienced watercolorists who know how to use it.

As claimed, each painting depicted subject matter containing glass – a portrait of a woman wearing eyeglasses, light filtering through a window, drinking vessels, flower vases, and more.

Concerning Watercolorists Unlimited, Lisa Walsh, a longtime member informs me that the group is comprised of approximately twenty watercolor artists who collectively select a different subject to paint each month. The members paint that subject independently, and then assemble once per month at a member’s home to critique each other’s work.  The topic for this month’s show is a good example of the subjects chosen.  But sometimes a technical issue, such as painting something with texture, rather than painting a particular object, is the topic of the month.

Lisa notes that being part of the group helps members improve their painting skills thanks in large part to the critique of fellow members, who provide helpful feedback and even solutions to technical issues.

Watercolorists Unlimited has been together for approximately twenty years, with a few original members still in the group.  The group exhibits their work at four or five shows per year, including the annual show at the Gourgaud Gallery.

I certainly enjoyed this exhibit and I believe that you will too.

The show runs from June 5 through June 26, and can be viewed Monday through Friday during business hours, and the first, third, and last Sunday of the month from 1 PM – 3PM.  Make a visit!     

Alice With Glasses
by Karen Bannister

April Morning
by Lisa Walsh

by Bernice Fatto

The Red Lantern
Barbara Cox


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


June 5 • 1–3pm, Meet the Artists Reception, Touch of Glass: Watercolorists
Unlimited, through June 30, The Gourgaud Gallery, Cranbury Town Hall, 23A North
Main Street, Cranbury,