Friday, June 20, 2014

Abstract Art by Tatiana Sougakova

Fabric of Life – Abstract Art by Tatiana L. Sougakova

Exhibit from July 6 - July 27, 2014
Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM
First, Third and Last Sunday 1-3 PM

According to Tatiana Sougakova :” I do not paint images I paint energy. Colors and patterns are my ways of preserving the energy I sense while painting and of transmitting it through art to the viewers. I often paint while listening to classical music, so the brushstrokes assume the rhythm and flow of the music, they happen fast and very naturally. I almost never know what I am going to paint when I am in front of a blank canvas. The process is a bit magical like a discovery or an exploration.”

Tatiana L. Sougakova – classically trained abstract expressionist explores "fabric of life" - how the smallest and the largest things around us intertwine in the visible and invisible worlds in the endless mechanism of creation and change. The art is greatly inspired by scientific discoveries and imagery. In essence, the artist is giving impression of invisible forces, energies and laws of nature and universe all combined and intertwined on the same canvas.
Some of the paintings in this exhibit are Flippables, they could be viewed any side up. The artist is exploring whether it is possible to create art object that would be very serious and ambitious during the creative process, but playful and joyful at the same time during the viewing (if the viewer does not want to read too deeply into it). This type of art would provide versatility in placement, and would look great in the personal space, remaining a serious work of art at the same time.
Tatiana L. Sougakova, artist currently residing in Plainsboro NJ, was born in Russia, where she lived through young adulthood. After graduating from Restoration Arts College in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a degree in fresco-secco painting Tatiana studied at the University of St. Petersburg, where she received an MA in Slavic languages with a minor in Czech language. After moving to US in the early 90s Tatiana worked as a Language services director for a small Finnish company. She started painting again, when she moved to Plainsboro in 2000. Tatiana has been exhibiting since 2007. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces. The latest selected group exhibits include: InLiquid benefit show (Philadelphia, 2014), Gallery U (Westfield, NJ, 2014), Hamilton Street Gallery (Boone, NJ, 2014), Dragon Project for Tohoku Japan (Paris school of design, Paris, France, 2013). She has been a highlighted artist of Artwalk in Washington township, NJ in the summer of 2013, and had a solo show at Plainsboro library. The owners of her art come from different walks of life, among them are: construction company owner, scientist, clergyman, musicians and professional dancers.
Right now Tatiana is painting a life size ox sculpture for Hopewell stampede, the design has been sponsored by Betty World Johnson.
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