Saturday, June 17, 2017

Digital Alchemy by Philip McConnel

The Gourgaud Gallery

is Proud to Announce:
Digital Alchemy by Phillip McConnell

Reception July 9, 2017
Cost – Free to attend

Exhibit from July 9-28, 2017
Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM

I am a Glitch Artist with a focus on abstract, surrealist digital art.
Digital Alchemy is a project is where I blend different aspects of photography (landscape, portrait, urban, nature and macro) with different concepts of Glitch Art (VHS, aesthetic, vapor wave) to create something new out of something broken. With almost everything in photography being digital it leads the mind to wonder what can really be done when pushed a step further. As technology advances, more and more everyday pushing the boundary of what the mind can create is literally at your fingertips. Alchemy is the transformation of matter either from one state to another or from one substance to another. By bending and manipulating the raw data or code of a picture, I essentially corrupt the original picture by breaking it down to its most basic form and bend it to create something new. This project features several different series titled the first of which is titled: Return to nature. A juxtaposition series where I blend different aspects of nature photography and architecture to show the relative size of nature to manmade construction, Another series is titled: As Above So Below or aasb for short. In this series, I take religious figures and place them next to their places of worship.

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