Tuesday, April 24, 2012

" A Journey through Britain in Watercolor." Daniel Turner Thomas

The attached is a small preview of the show entitled " A Journey through
Britain in Watercolor." 9 paintings from the 48 will be available for
viewing in May. Full exhibit opens next year. Reception of British goodies
at 1-3pm on May 6th at the Gourgaud Gallery in Cranbury, NJ. Hope to see you
there. Dan

Monday, April 16, 2012


"Local Paintings & Preview of the Journey through Britain in Watercolor Exhibit"


By Bob Gilbert
The May 2012 exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery features the watercolor paintings of Daniel Turner Thomas, a member of the Cranbury Arts Council.  The following question and answer session with Mr. Thomas gives us an insight into the artist: 

How and when did you get interested in painting?
When I was young around 8 years old and in primary school in England

Have you had formal art training?  If so, describe.
None at all

You work primarily in watercolor.  Why do you prefer this medium?
I like the effects that watercolor provides. It’s the perfect medium for landscapes

How do you select subject matter for paintings?
I look for mood & lighting in a landscape whenever I can. I also look for unusual angles/perspectives for my works

In the United Kingdom painting collection on your website, http://www.danielpturnerthomas.com/index.html some paintings are listed as “NFS” (not for sale).  Are these paintings of places that have significance to you?
Yes these are family places or ones that are held in a private collection in UK galleries

What artists have influenced or inspired you?
Geoff Kersey from Derbyshire in the UK.

In your opinion, what is the relative importance of “raw talent” vs. training when it comes to becoming an artist?  Can a person with modest talent benefit substantially from proper training, and does a person with great talent require training?
I think that raw talent can be developed. Many people have no idea they have this creativity and need someone to encourage them and motivate them. I see a lot of so called talent that is not that creative in my opinion. Damien Hurst is attracting a lot of controversy as I write in the UK. Does he have talent or is his work grotesque?

The May exhibit runs from May 6 - May 27, 2012. 

The reception will be on Sunday, May 6th from 1-3 PM in the Gourgaud Gallery, located in Town Hall.
As part of the non-profit Cranbury Arts Council, the Gourgaud Gallery donates 20% of any art sales back to the Cranbury Arts Council and its programs that support and promote the Arts in our community. The gallery is located in Town Hall and is free and open to the public Mon- Fri from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the First, Third & Last Sunday of the month from 1-3 p.m. New exhibit receptions fall on the First Sunday from 1-3 p.m. unless otherwise specified.  Anyone wishing to exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery can obtain an application in the gallery or at www.cranbury.org.  Check the Gourgaud Gallery site www.Gourgaudgallery.blogspot.com  on Facebook and Gourgaud Gallery Blog for information on upcoming programs and events. If you are interested in CAC membership or participating in any way, please email us at cranburyartscouncil@gmail.com. 

View at Lambeth Bridge
                                                       London Eye

Additonal pictures of Dan's exhibit may be viewed on Facebook at Gourgaud Gallery Page:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Gourgaud-Gallery/108657442495068