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COLLEEN CAHILL                                        CRANBURY, NJ

This month the blog will feature an autobiography from Colleen Cahill, instead of an interview.

I grew up as most children do w/ my crayons and color pencils doodling and sketching. Very soon it became apparent that ART was something that I needed to explore. I started painting with oils and doing pen and ink sketches. Early on in my middle school years I became enamored with fashion and fashion illustration. I pursued this direction through high school and entered into the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore where I took classes in fine art and Fashion design.

 I worked at Head Sportswear a ski wear company where I assisted the designer while I attended college classes. This was my first official foray in the fashion industry.  I loved it all. I was hooked, line and sinker. I then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to finish up my classes. I worked as a fashion designer for a total of 15 years in NYC and Los Angeles.  Most of my sketching time was spent on clothing but I somehow managed to do a painting or two in my spare time between raising a young family and working full time. 

In the mid-nineties I started to pursue more fine art projects. I was working with a close friend who is a photographer. We collaborated on many photo based art projects such as Polaroid manipulations and transfers and painted black and white photos. 

The last few years, I have been studying watercolors and pastel painting. However I would be hard-pressed to narrow down my favorite medium to ONE choice. I love the freedom of water and watercolor paint, the ”hands on” messy ness of pastels, freezing time and mood with Photography, the endless possibilities of collage and mix media, and I really wish I had the time it takes to paint with oils.

I have given my recent collection the title “Transitions” which mirrors my life at this time. I hope you enjoy my most recent efforts to translate my emotional vision to 2 dimensional surfaces.
Benny's Landing
additional photos of Collen's paintings will soon appear on Facebook: "Gourgaud Gallery"
The artwork is for sale with 20% of each sale going to support the Cranbury Arts Council and its programs. Cash or a check made out to the Cranbury Arts Council is accepted as payment.
The Gallery is located in Town Hall- a Town Hall, 23-A North Main Street in Cranbury, NJ: and is free and open to the public Mon- Fri from 9 AM. – 4 PM and the first, third and last Sunday of the month from 1-3 pm. You can meet the exhibiting Artist(s). Refreshments are served at the Artist Reception. Anyone wishing to exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery can obtain an application at the Gallery or at For information on upcoming programs and events,  LIKE us on FACEBOOK: GOURGAUD GALLERY, and JOIN the GOURGAUD GALLERY BLOG at . If you are interested in CAC membership or participating in any way, please email us at
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