Monday, April 18, 2016

Colleen Cahill Original and Collaborative Work

The May exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery, located at Cranbury Town Hall, 23-A N. Main Street in Cranbury, N.J. is art by

Colleen Cahill
Original and Collaborative Work

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Colleen Cahill, a gifted artist, lived in Cranbury, NJ for many years. While raising her family, she worked at Nativity of Our Lord Church in Monroe Township as the Religious Education Director and was involved in many, many community organizations. She was a committee member of the Gourgaud Gallery, a part of Cranbury Arts Council, and volunteered her time and energy to promote and support the arts in the community, as well as exhibiting her artwork in many shows over the years. 
Born on May 18, 1956, Colleen passed away on May 6, 2014. Her friends and fellow artists have joined in celebrating her life and her art with the community appropriately this May by sharing her work to raise money to fund a memorial donation towards the renovation underway at the Nativity of Our Lord Church. 
Most of the artwork is original and a few pieces have been lovingly completed by her close artist friends with her family's blessing.
The exhibit will feature framed and matted pieces of her watercolors and pastels which are a true celebration of her talent, her love of art, and her dedication to her family, friends and community here in Cranbury. We hope to see many of her friends and fellow artists at the reception on Sunday, May 1 from 1-3 pm or visit through the month of May, and help to build funds towards a donation in her name to the church she so dearly loved.
The exhibit will run until Friday, May 27 and art can be purchased throughout the month. Cash or a check made out to the Cranbury Arts Council is accepted as payment. 

For additional information please contact:
Amy Alamico