Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kelli Lynn Abdoney- A photographic exhibition of Caithness and Sutherland landscapes



A photographic exhibition of Caithness and Sutherland landscapes

 July exhibit at the Gourgaud Gallery
“…the whole point about ‘scenery’ is that it provides a backdrop against which the drama of our lives is acted out, and this just as true in the context of Highland topography as it is in the theatre.”
Ray McKenzie
Historical and Critical Lecturer
Glasgow School of Art
Landscape interpretation is not just a matter of recording the physical aspects of the land, such as it’s geological structure and the space in which it exists; equally important are less tangible factors like memory and history and the passage of time. Time is the dimension in which the meaning of a landscape unfolds, and it is registered in this body of work as the constantly changing pattern of time itself.
There has always been a romantic interpretation associated with imagery concerning the environment, though whether these interpretations are false or idealized depends on the opinion of the viewer. They do, however, reflect a spiritual interaction between art and nature. In my personal opinion the relationship man has with the natural environment is an amalgamation of survival, innate motherly love and an overwhelming sense of infinite time.
It is relevant that we have approached a momentous juncture in time. Established traditions and social trends are rapidly disintegrating and, in turn, science and technology are amazing us with their genius by revolutionizing lifestyles beyond comprehension. The natural environment is a controversial issue within the present social climate, and it is apparent that there is an ever-increasing demand for the preservation and protection of many decreasing natural ecosystems.
I find the landscapes of Caithness and Sutherland quite extraordinary. There is an overwhelming energy in the rugged battered coastlines and a powerful sense of history and prehistory that saturates the land. The 180-degree horizon, which cradles an abundance of weather from dawn to dusk, the sprawling landscapes that have sustained man and the clarity of it’s light are only but a few of Caithness and Sutherland’s physical qualities.

Kelli Lynn Abdoney


Kelli Abdoney was born in 1975 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but her childhood was spent exploring the natural wonderland of Scotland, a magical landscape that continues to inspire her.

Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art, where she studied photography and the visual arts, she has enjoyed a career at the forefront of new media in Scottish journalism.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Art in the Park plein air series

Dear Artists,
> Here is the schedule for our 2013 Art in the Park plein air series.
> Please forward this to any fellow artists who may want to attend.
> Remember there will be an invitation to display your art from the
> sessions at the December exhibit in the Gourgaud Gallery. Look for
> updates at
> Thank you,
> The Gourgaud Gallery Committee
> Art in the Park  Sundays from noon - 4 pm
> May 19 – Sayen Gardens – 155 Hughes Dr., Hamilton
> June 16 –  55 S. Main St., Cranbury
> July 21 – 1 Nicola Ct., Cranbury
> August 18 –  D&R Canal State Park, Mapleton Rd. entrance
> September 15 –  177 Plainsboro Rd., Cranbury
> October 20 – Historic Walnford – 62 Walnford Rd. Upper Freehold
> Please leave private residences promptly at 4 pm